Hey wonderful people and happy holiday (even if it’s going to end this week)…

So starting off, I have seen a whole lot of people with the New year resolutions and stuff while some are trying to achieve the one they couldn’t complete last year. I’m generally not a person that enters the year with any resolutions (probably cause I was feeling I’m still small and I don’t need it). I just practically feel let’s flow with the year whichever way. So many people are actually finding this RESOLUTION thing all shitty and baseless but it still works if you are serious about it (consistency is paramount)..


A new year resolution is a promise a person makes for the year. Regardless of the resolution you commit to, the goal and aim is to improve.

So firstly I started the year very positively minded and I hope you all do too cause nothing comes out from being negative ğŸ‘Ž. I just feel this level of growth and maturity in me. So whenever I think of 2019, I think great opportunities, positivity, dropping of shyness and growth

The year started well with a whole lot of family time (I love my family so much and I find them dramatic). I have lots of things planned for the year but I’m only going to give you the highlight…


  1. Letting go of procrastination (bad habit)
  2. Consistence and putting effort into ( school work, blog and other things)
  3. Build a great, positive network and brand
  4. Support my creative friends cause their success is my success
  5. Prayers.

Note: personally in a resolution I will advice you pick 3 most important ones (if you’ve gotten so many) and work harder on them.

So I’m gonna share some sourced expert tips on how to stick and actually achieve your resolution. Tips below:

  • Be honest with yourself ( you don’t need to add the unnecessary)
  • Stick to the plan
  • Arrange yourself and environment for success
  • Chart your progress
  • Celebrate success and be compassionate with yourself when you slip( you can always try again)…

What plans do you have for the year?? You can probably share a snippet in the comment section and also don’t forget to like and follow.. Have a wonderful year

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